Vincent Jame Giovinazzo – To Sell or Not to Sell, That is the Question

jim-giovinazzoThe world of sales differs dramatically between industries, and requires different skills and tools to be able to become successful in the field. In some cases sales is an art form, where the seller themselves are the product, required to charm, entertain and captivate. On the other had sometimes sales is a more technical operation, in which the seller’s knowledge of the physical product to be sold is the main bargaining chip. Whatever type of sales a salesperson works in however, there are many skills and ideas that overlap, and makes the professional salesmen a versatile and cunning character. For me, Vincent James Giovinazzo, working on Wall Street and transitioning to the tech industry has brought to light the differences has perfectly underlined the sentiments mentioned, and helped me become a better professional in doing so.

For me, Vincent Jim Giovinazzo, being a Wall Street broker was simultaneously exciting and prosperous as it was stressful and time-consuming. I guess you could say all the cliches and stereotypes of the industry are true! From a sales perspective, Wall Street and the competitive financial industry is all about selling oneself. What can you offer to a company? What skills do you have that could be of value to them? What experience do you have in making large investment captures? The answers to all these questions and more form the product that eventually at some point you are going to have to sell- the idea of you and your character in this industry.

The entertainment and social aspect of working in this industry often feels like in some ways we are actors, creating a Wall Street persona if you will that can function and work well within the industry. In my previous life on Wall Street, you are essentially selling yourself; you’re the product. On Wall Street, people work like animals, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. You need to be able to work with all types, think on your feet, make calculated decisions and trust your gut. It is character forming stuff, and helps you become stronger, but occasionally lost in the madness of the fast-paced environment.

For me Jim Giovinazzo, working in the tech industry is a better work-life balance, and lot less entertaining, pressure and drinking. I still however get to stay in the game, maintain my strong network and when I close that big deal, we still aren’t afraid to go out and ring the bell!


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