Vincent James Giovinazzo: How He Climbed Up the Corporate Ladder?

Jim Giovinazzo: Overcoming the Barriers of Technology Industry to be a Successful Salesperson

According to James Giovinazzo Broker on asserts that the biggest change in economic sector has come due to a boom in the tech industry. The Silicon Valley tech firms have cropped up overnight and have generated billions of dollars. They have managed to establish themselves as the leaders of present economy. For Jim Giovinazzo, this came as an interesting opportunity which he wanted to capitalize on.

Jim Giovinazzo had been a broker of Wall Street. As a matter of fact, he knows what it takes to climb up the corporate ladder in an industry which is highly competitive. He has been an ambitious and motivated person when it came to his career. This is the reason he planned on leaving his brokerage position of Wall Street and shift to the technology industry as a sales person.

Jim Giovinazzo, Red Bank on DeviantArt is of the opinion that technology sales has different barriers to entry and the definition of an aggressive sales person working in this sector varies from the one working in the financial sector. In some case the salesperson of tech industry wait for the leads to come to them in opposition to proactively looking for the leads. In tech industry, it is more about the product. If you have a great product then it will be able to sell itself. You will be able to make as much money without grinding it out. This is more of science and less of an art form.

However, Jim Giovinazzo has mentioned that the conventional skills of a salesperson no longer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the principles of sales such as sophisticated negotiation and upselling, drive and ambition, paying close attention to the needs of the customer, and strong interpersonal skills doesn’t apply.

Vincent Jim Giovinazzo believes that everyone wants to be successful in the field that they choose for their career. The means and skills to achieve this have to be cultivated. Also, the person needs to have experience and have to face all kinds of challenges. In the sales field, you need to persuasive, personable, and understand the product that you have to sell to the customers. You need to be able to convince the customers that you they need the product that you are selling.

The epoch of door-to-door sales is long gone and people are looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to their customers. The potential of generating revenue is pretty high in the tech industry and this the reason sales person have to adapt themselves to the new methods of advertising in the changing market.


Jim Giovinazzo Broker, The Incredible Salesman

The world of sales varies from one industry to the other. If you have to become a successful sales person like Vincent Jim Giovinazzo, Salesman, you need various tools and skills. In certain cases sales is an art form and here the sellers have to present themselves as product. They have to captivate, entertain, and charm the buyers. However, in other cases, some sales involve technical operation. In this case the seller’s knowledge about the product is significant.

Jim Giovinazzo: The Transition from a Broker to a Tech Salesperson

Irrespective of the industry, there are various ideas and skills that overlap and this makes a professional salesman versatile and prudent. James Giovinazzo has worked in two industries, the financial and the technical and thus, has managed to gather some comprehensive knowledge in sales. Previously working as a broker in Wall Street, he transitioned to the tech industry. He says that this transition has helped him to become better at his job.

Vincent James Giovinazzo on Pearltree has mentioned that being a Wall Street Broker was exciting and stressful at the same time. The stereotypes and clichés of the industry are absolutely true. In Wall Street, the financial industry, how good a person is at selling themselves. It is simply about what you are capable of offering to a company and what skills you possess that will be valuable for them. The financial industry goes to the extent to examining your experience to capture large investments. All these imply that if someone is working in this industry, he/she has to sell themselves and their character at some point.

Jim Giovinazzo Broker describes that social aspect of working in this industry often makes you feel that you are actors who are working to create a Wall Street persona that will work and function properly within the industry. He goes on to say that in the financial industry, it is like selling yourself. This is the reason you have to make calculated decisions while trusting your gut. This industry has a fast-paced environment which will help in making you stronger.

However, at present, he works as a qualified sales person in the tech industry. This is a booming industry that is filled with young minds. In this industry, it is important to focus on selling the product. However, the principle of sales still applies, for instance, paying attention to the feedback and requirement of the customer. Wall Street, too, has become completely dependent on technology in order to make everything function smoothly. This is reason having in-depth knowledge about the financial industry has helped Jim Giovinazzo to achieve success in his current role as a tech sales person.